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Components of a Complete Basketball Program

A Values Based Approach

Leadership = Concentration

Coming to understand undeniable truths, investing in our relationships through the practice of respect, taking action or loving others based in respect, all for the purpose of serving the people around us is a tall order, but that is exactly what successful individuals and teams do. Add to this the additional need for each individual to develop knowledge as well as personal and team skills in a variety of contexts, and leadership becomes a very complicated and intimidating practice. With time and experience some attributes and skills come to the forefront, yet being a leader requires a great many things and remains very complex. See Appendix A for a visual representation of these


If being a leader requires so many traits and actions, how can Leadership be defined in an appropriate way? There is but one word that defines leadership. That word is concentration. Williams (2015) states “effective concentration entails attending to the right thing at the right time in the right way” (p. 304). In considering this it is reasonable to state that leadership is synonymous with the ability to concentrate. When one respects all the people around them enough to recognize needs and wants, is able to act in a way that demonstrates their respect through love, for the purpose of serving all in achieving the common goal, one has achieved Williams’ description of concentration.

This line of thinking requires narrowing the definitions of right things, right time, and right way. Below is a general summary of the components of concentration, which make true leadership.

Effective concentration entails attending to the right thing at the right time in the right way

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