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Assessing and Developing Basketball Related Components of Fitness

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The ability of the heart and lungs to work together continually to supply O2 to the muscles, while removing CO2.

The ability of the muscles to carry out continuous movement for extended periods of time.

The maximum possible force applied by the muscle against resistance for one repitition (1RM). Slow twitch Musle Fibres are utilized.

The degree to which the joints of the body are capable of achieving their full range of motion (ROM).  Key for prevention of injury.

The ability of the muscle to stabilize the body either within static holds or dynamic movement.  Though a great many muscles of the body imbact balance, Core Stability is key to all balance.
The ability of the muscle to exert maximum force against resistance within the shortest possible period of time.  Fast twitch muscle fibres are utilized.

The maximum velocity that can be achieved by an individual.  This could be based on the velocity of all or part of the body.

The abillity to change direction by efficiently transitioning from acceleration to deceleration and deceleration to acceleration.

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We here at Values Based Basketball believe that it in supporting young athletes to be their best selves each day serving we not only serve the individual player, but the team as a whole, and the greater community .  In doing so we recognize each person has different motives, capabilities, and roles within the team.  The first steps in planning to meet the needs of the individual and the team is always the assessment of ability, discussion and negotiation of individual roles.  Once these are determined and agreed upon, individualized training goals that serve both the individual and the team can be planned, carried out, reassessed, and adjusted.

Modification for individual need within a team setting could be an overwhelming task if not approached systematically.  In order to provide a consistent program that will meet the needs of all, a general plan for progression needs to be created.  As athletes improve, training must be appropriately adjusted to challenge their development.  This mean planning for development in each program component in a way that progresses in complexity from fundamental or foundation skills to the and loads appropriate progressions in complexity to skills.   

In regard to strength and conditioning training within the Values Based Basketball program we strive to support athletes in training each component of fitness in a manner that supports the individuals ability to achieve sport skill specific peak performance within both their current role on the and to prepare them for future roles they may wish or need to play in serving the team in striving to achieve the common goal.

Within the Practical Application menu, approaches and resources for teaching Individual Physical Skills are provided. 
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